Volkswagen Photo Series Teases Museum of Extinct Backseat Drivers

Volkswagen Photo Series Teases Museum of Extinct Backseat Drivers
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A new social campaign for the manufacturer's Polo promotes the vehicle's safety features

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 august 2014

The new Volkswagen Polo has a range of advanced technology options that add a level of smart thinking to the car’s attributes. These features positively impact on safer driving. The vehicle has been engineered with up to 26% increased fuel efficiency and includes City Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Driver Alert System and Automatic Post-Collision Braking System.

To promote the Volkswagen Polo’s revolutionary new safety features, the manufacturer created a social campaign with photography by Daniel Stier. The ‘Museum of Extinct Backseat Drivers’ photo series features quippy portraits of annoying types of passengers. It aims to show that the VW Polo’s new features mean the backseat drivers days are numbered. They are now redundant, banished to museum cabinets and accompanied by labels detailing their last sightings.


‘The Handle Grabber’ is now said to be extinct because of the Polo’s Adaptive Cruise Control, which helps maintain a safe distance and speed so there is no need for passengers to grab the handles in fear anymore. City Emergency Braking automatically brakes in case you don’t so there is no more passenger foot stamping from ‘The Pre-Braker’ and the dashboard is kept clean from ‘The Dashboard Pusher’.

The VW Polo’s Fatigue Detection helps keep drivers awake by telling them to take a break, so ‘The Waffler’ has been sent to the museum. The vehicle’s Lane Assist means ‘The Directioner’ is no more, as the safety feature stops you drifting into lanes when you’re being distracted by backseat drivers. It’s Rear View Camera is like having eyes in the back of your head, so no more parking help is needed from ‘The Parking Advisor’.

You can check out Volkswagen’s photo series of backseat driver portraits, all dubbed extinct with the latest safety technology, below:





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