Dating App Lets Your Friends Act as Virtual Wingmen

Dating App Lets Your Friends Act as Virtual Wingmen
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Wingme is a social dating network that aims to help people find better matches by letting mates be your best ally

Daniela Walker
  • 7 august 2014

Online dating is a weird and wonderful thing, but with all the profile-reading and Tinder swiping yes or no, there is a lot of decision-making at play. And sometimes, people are not the best decision-makers when it comes to their love lives. Enter the wingman…or woman. Your best friend who knows your type – perhaps better than you do – and knows how to steer you away from the so-wrong-they’re-right-but-actually-they’re-just-wrong date that will inevitably leave you in tears. Wingmen have always been indispensable when out in the real world, and now they are entering the online dating world through a new app Wingme.

Wingme proposes that you can find better matches with the help of your friends, because after all, dating is a strangely social affair. Pre and post-date assessments with your besties are a regular thing, so why not do assessments during the actual online hunt?

‘If Tinder and WhatsApp made love and had a baby, Wingme would be the product,’ says Wingme’s press release. The Dutch foursome behind the app, Guido Nieuwkamp, Anneli Rispens, Marten Beerda and Tijmen Mulder wanted to make online dating experiences more like real life because they believe it can actually up the chances of finding a good date.

Nieuwkamp, Wingme’s managing partner says:

For years online dating has been a lonely and boring experience, while love, sex and relationships are the daily subject of conversations amongst friends. Wingme hopes to bridge the gap between social and dating.

It does this by introducing a social network like function into the dating app. Daters can chat with their wingmen about potential dates, and likewise wingmen can build an invisible profile to search for the perfect match for their friend based on their criteria. The ability to chat in-app makes the online search a seamless one, making your friend’s opinion easily accessible as you try to find the right date.


Currently, Wingme is on iOS, with plans of launching on Android later this year. Until then, iPhone users can look to their virtual wingman to help them find that perfect date.


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