House of Writing Is Floating Studio Dedicated to Improved Literacy

House of Writing Is Floating Studio Dedicated to Improved Literacy
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This futuristic looking writing residency provides solitude and promotes creativity

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 26 august 2014

The Maison de l’Ecriture, which translates to the ‘House of Writing,’ is a writing and literature based space that faces the lake and the alps in Montrichier, Switzerland. Intended to be conducive to reflection and writing, here writers can make use of a library, a lounge, an exhibition space, a dining hall, an auditorium, and of course, a writing studio. It is this studio that makes the Maison de l’Ecriture most different from other writing residences, because unlike other writing studios- this one floats.


The Jan Michalski Foundation is the organization that originated the Maison de l’Ecriture, and for the design aspect they turned to architecture company Blank Studio. Architects V. Mangeat and P. Whalen created a floating treehouse-style writing studio cabins that hang between steel tree-like pilots in an organic sculptural canopy. Despite the stainless steel that covers the outside, the inside is more of a reflection of the studio’s surroundings. Each three story cabin is completely lined with bleached birch wood and black stained oak, and features a dining and food preparation area on the first floor, a sleeping area on the second floor, and a writer’s loft on top with windows that reveal the view.


As cool as the idea of a floating writer’s residence sounds, the decision for the cabins to be lifted off the ground was also a practical one. The space is designed to be peaceful and relaxing, making the writers feel at one with their serene environment. In that respect, the designers decided the structures shouldn’t disrupt the ground of the countryside they are a part of. Beginning in 2016, the House of Writing will be accepting applications where writers can seek residency for one- twelve months. The foundation offers financial assistance for those in need, and hopes to encourage literary creativity for all.

Maison de l’ Ecriture


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