WWF Russia, Tattoo Artists Join Forces for Animal Awareness Campaign

WWF Russia, Tattoo Artists Join Forces for Animal Awareness Campaign

14 endangered animals transformed into stunning pieces of body art

Ross Brooks
  • 28 august 2014

Donating money every month is one way to show your commitment to the protection of animals, but how about a piece of body art that lasts forever? As part of new campaign from World Wildlife Federation Russia, tattoo artists from around the world have created 14 unique designs that will grace the skin of a select few who put their name forward via Wild Tattoo. The tattoos will include animals such as the snow leopard, Atlantic walrus and polar bear.


The Wild Tattoo website features profiles of different international artists and the animals they will be portraying with ink, along with links to WWF Russia where visitors can learn more about the fund and make a donation. Apart from the shock value created by a campaign that focuses on tattoos, the people involved think it will help to attract a younger audience. Anastasia Lykina, social advertising and video officer for WWF Russia, says, “In this modern age, even efforts that may seem small at first can make a big impact on yours and others lives. We believe Wild Tattoo is the right method to connect with a young, proactive and creative audience.”

Alexander Zavatskiy, co-founder of Friends, the agency who created the campaign, chimes in as well: “Our aim is to involve as many young people as possible in a discussion surrounding the plight of endangered animals. Wild Tattoo gets straight to the point.” He went on to add, “It is a fresh and inventive way of communicating the WWF’s message through body art of the highest possible standard.”


One thing worth considering is that there is a very real possibility that some of the tattoos will last longer than the animals themselves. With habitat destruction, global warming, and other harmful factors still very much a threat, endangered species will continue to be pushed over the edge. Check out the campaign for yourself, and donate what you can to help protect endangered animals.

Wild Tattoo

[h/t] The Drum

Images by WWF Russia


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