X-Men Film Concept Art Vividly Details Futuristic X-Jet

X-Men Film Concept Art Vividly Details Futuristic X-Jet
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New concept art was released of the hyper-realistic jet from one of the year's most popular sci-fi films

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 11 august 2014

The subject of the film X-Men: Days of Future Past is about a future where mutants are hunted down by the government. The last hope arrives when the last of the X-Men arrive in a hidden mountain temple to find a way to go back in time. The film incorporates gorgeous imagery, much of which is computer animated. In order to make the world feel real, every detail of the future had to be careful and intricately designed, none more so than then X-Jet, the sleek aircraft which delivers the main characters to the temple so the story can begin.

Henry Fong, the artist who worked on the design for the plane, recently released the concept photos from the beginning of the project. Everything from the expanding exterior to the complex and luxurious interior. While the plane itself doesn’t get a lot of screen time, you wouldn’t know it by the amount of detail put into each of the drawings shown above. From the controls to the seating, everything has its own unique look that fits into the plane’s overall aesthetic.

Fong has also worked on a number of hit movies, including other Marvel title The Amazing Spider-Man 2, zombie romantic comedy Warm Bodies, and the Guillermo del Toro science-fiction hit Pacific Rim to name just a few. With the level of dedication and attention to detail shown in these photos, it’s no wonder he’s sought out by these major productions. Who knows what amazing creations he’ll draw up for the next big movie to hit screens across the world.

Henry Fong

[h/t] io9

x jet days of futures past 4.jpg
x jet days of futures past 3.jpg
x jet days of futures past 2.jpg
x jet days of futures past 5.jpg
x jet days of futures past 7.jpg
x jet days of futures past 6.jpg
x jet days of futures past.jpg


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