Why VR tech serves as an ideal alternative to TV and how monetization opportunities abound

The growth of virtual reality is guaranteed to have a transformational influence on the live entertainment industry. Offering a distinctive experience far beyond attending a concert, show or sports game, virtual reality technology provides a standout option to live entertainment enthusiasts everywhere. Below are three examples of how virtual reality will alter how we view, enjoy and engage in live entertainment.

1) The Best Seat in the House

Virtual reality doesn’t physically take you to an event, but it mentally brings you there. Across today’s popular entertainment venues, there are only so many front row seats at a sporting event or concert, and these tickets are continuously increasing in price. With virtual reality technology, more fans can have that front row experience. The specialized 3-D 360-degree technology offers a view that being in the audience could never buy – placing cameras in locations beyond a front row experience (i.e. under the basketball hoop, in the end zone, etc.) – and gives the user the feeling of being in a special place.

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