7 Items You Need to Know Today

7 Items You Need to Know Today

CVS waves bye to tobacco, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos engage in a tech race and yes, there is an 'emotional' robot, Virginia

Kiran Aditham
  • 4 september 2014

GSK and the National Institute of Health are behind testing human volunteers for Ebola vaccine trials. Mashable

Sure, Samsung can innovate but where do we go from here? Re/Code

Elon Musk and Amazon chief Jeff Bezos are vying to patent reusable rockets. Quartz

A zero-gravity 3D printer, you say? CNet

Asus is throwing its hat into the wearable tech market with its fairly economical ZenWatch. The Next Web

So long, tobacco products, says CVS. New York Times

Japanese financial firm Softbank will start selling “emotional”: robots in the US. Digital Trends


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