Airbnb at IKEA Wake Ups Documented

Airbnb at IKEA Wake Ups Documented
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Three families stayed overnight at the Tempe store in Australia and were woken by puppies, an orchestra, and breakfast in bed

Emma Hutchings
  • 3 september 2014

Three Australian families recently stayed overnight at the IKEA Tempe store in Sydney after applying for a unique Airbnb listing. They slept in themed IKEA showrooms and ate traditional Swedish food. The families were shortlisted from more than 1,000 entries after effectively convincing IKEA hosts that they were the ones most worthy of the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The selected families arrived as the Tempe store’s registers were shutting down and doors were closing for the day after customers had all gone home. They settled into their individually-themed accomodation, which was nestled amongst the IKEA showroom, complete with price tags on all the items for sale. The rooms were styled by IKEA interior design experts and Airbnb host Claire Ferguson and labelled ‘Rustic Charm’, ‘Modern Elegance’, and ‘Inner City Living’.


They were able to hang their clothes in the wardrobes, check out the entertainment, and sit down to a Swedish Smörgåsbord including the iconic IKEA meatballs and Scandinavian salmon. In the morning, the families were worken up using different methods, based on a national survey that uncovered Aussies’ preferences and the awakenings were documented. These included puppies jumping on the bed, being serenaded by a string orchestra, and freshly prepared IKEA breakfast served in bed. One of the lucky family members, Brigid O’Conner from Camperdown, says:

The girls have been so excited, it’s like a dream come true to sleep in an IKEA store. The wake up was perfect and the puppies were just gorgeous. The girls love puppies so now I think they might expect that every morning. The dinner was delicious. It was great to meet all the people from IKEA and Airbnb. The tips they gave us to make the most of our homes were wonderful too. I’m going to have to buy everything before I leave now. It was really fun and I’m so glad we did it.

Airbnb at IKEA

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