Alternative curricula are expanding the collective know-how of the maker community and providing valuable insights for inventors at any stage of their project

According to, the four signs of being called to the Catholic priesthood are: Belief, Wonderment, Generosity & Service, and Leadership. Whichever (or all) that a young man experiences, it promises a long, focused road through seminary and training to don the collar.

Makers, too, often talk of feeling called to their craft. Not content to build careers on the vocations of their parents (or the military) many are digging into their passion and making life changes to live closer to the kernel of their inspiration. This emphasis on heeding their inner voice has given rise to a range of niche educational programs that, like seminary, offer makers key knowledge and insights specific to their craft. These “Skills Incubators” are bringing makers together in collaborative, peer-to-peer settings where hackers and like-minded DIY-types can acquire what they need to take their visions to the next level.

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