Industrial designer trains Siamese fighting fish to interact with humans and animals

Many people consider fish to be unsatisfying pets because you can't interact with them in three-dimensional, terrestrial space the way you can with other small pets. It's a shame, because fish can be quite intelligent and their demonstrative behavior often goes unnoticed. Adam Ben-Dror‘s adorable project experiments with all the levels on which we communicate with our pets.

He designed a low-profile “vehicle” called the Abovemarine for his Bettas, Pedro and José's, bowls using an Arduino, a camera, Processing and computer vision, as well as Omni Wheels, which can move in any direction. The resulting contraption is completely controlled by José, who can make it move by swimming under the point of light projected by the Abovemarine device. (Poor Pedro always seems to play the role of the luddite fish stuck in a stationary bowl).

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