‘Beer?!’ Is the Newest Iteration of the Yo! App Trend

‘Beer?!’ Is the Newest Iteration of the Yo! App Trend

If you’re going to send one word, it might as well be beer

Adriana Krasniansky, PSFK Labs
  • 23 september 2014

It’s likely that you’ve already heard of the now-viral app Yo. The app, which was developed by its founder Or Arbel in under 8 hours, allows the user to do one thing—send another user a notification that reads “yo”. If you have your phone on full volume, a male voice also booms “Yo!” through your speakers.

To the surprise of many developers, the app, which launched in April 2014, secured over 1 million downloads and raised $1.5 million in funding. Moreover, Yo inspired several “copycat” one word notification apps, AiYO and Oye!, for your enjoyment and friends’ subsequent annoyance.


The most recent iteration of the one word notification trend is Beer?!, a tongue-in-cheek play on Yo and surprisingly effective way of grabbing your friends’ attention. Whereas a Yo notification can be interpreted to mean many different things (it has been configured to warn about Israeli air strikes, among other uses) Beer?!’s message is pretty straightforward—Want to grab a beer?

Beer?!, which launched earlier this month, has received some publicity (most notably a tweet from band Portugal The Man), but does more to shed light on a changing landscape of communications technology. In Yo and Beer?! messaging, content becomes secondary to communication from those in your network. In a world where personal content is under continual scrutiny and surveillance, Beer?! is a refreshing, uncluttered way to invite your friends out for a drink.

Image: The Peak

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