Beer Tree Strengthens Relationship Between Craftsman, Product

Beer Tree Strengthens Relationship Between Craftsman, Product
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Gravity-fed brewing kit beautifies the process of making your own beer

Ross Brooks
  • 2 september 2014

Brewing your own beer boasts a long list of benefits including mental stimulation, less hangovers, more savings, and the option to call yourself a craftsman. Freddie Paul, a London-based designer, is unlikely to argue, but he did notice one problem – the equipment isn’t very easy on the eye. As a result, he’s come up with the “Beer Tree,” a gravity fed home brewing kit that not only streamlines the process crafting your own ales, but stylises it as well.

The problem with traditional brewing kits is that they’re usually a collection of plastic barrels and tangled tubes that lie scattered around the room – more often than not an unseen room like the garage. If you were to use a Beer Tree instead, “the process can be completely visualised from start to finish, involving the user more than traditional kits to create a strong sense of satisfaction.”


Completed for his final project at London South Bank university, the tree is made from removable vessels, detachable hoses, and stainless steel tubes that feed into a laminated plywood base. With a strong focus on the brewing kit’s appearance, it might now be able to attract a complement or two from guests who see it in the corner of your living room.


The top-to-bottom layout also makes it more fun to follow the brewing process from start to finish. Moving back and forth between disorganised containers makes it hard to appreciate the methodical progression that occurs while brewing. In terms of output, Freddie’s kit is capable of producing ten liters of craft ale in approximately ten days: four hours brewing, two days fermenting, one day chilling, and then several days conditioning in bottles.


If you’ve considered brewing your own beer, but shied away because of the clutter it would cause in your house – Beer Tree might just be the answer you were looking for. There are no production plans so far, but if enough people express their interest to the designer, it wouldn’t be that surprising to see a crowdfunding campaign pop up at some point over the next few weeks or months.


Freddie Paul

[h/t] DesignBoom

Images by Freddie Paul

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