The BikeShieldApp: Here to Alert Bikers, Drivers of Their Presence in Blind Spots

The BikeShieldApp: Here to Alert Bikers, Drivers of Their Presence in Blind Spots
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Vehicle-to-vehicle communication app encourages safe, bike-friendly roads

Simone Spilka
  • 16 september 2014

The statistics for bicycle accidents are shocking: last year alone 700 riders were killed and 49,000 were injured in motor vehicles accidents. ‘I didn’t see them’ is a legitimate issue that endangers riders, even among people who drive with caution. And though the numbers are extreme, the amount of injuries do not keep people from cruising the bike lane any less.

The BikeShieldApp now makes sharing the road between bicycles, motorbikes and cars a safe experience. The mobile app for automotive transportation offers alerts for cyclists and drivers to help avoid collision.

Choose Your Ride for the BikeShieldApp

Simply tell the app your mode of transportation and the Shield will visualize people on the road within your proximity. To act as an increased layer of security for riders, drivers need to place their phones within the line of sight of commuters. When a cyclist appears too close to a car or approaches within its blind spot, drivers will receive an alert 5-10 seconds prior. The acoustic signals give the driver a heightened awareness of their surroundings before they attempt to make quick lane changes or turns, acting as a crash avoidance tool.

In addition, the app sends trip reports so you can receive trip information and allow you to determine the safest routes. The no text zone feature acts as an additional layer of security and lets you disconnect from mobile SMS services.

The easy-to-use and sleek interface does not combat the fact that in order for the app to be truly effective all drivers on the road must be users. Only cars with an active Shield will be notified of bikers and motorcyclists around them. Consequently, riders must be fully cautious of their behavior and movement. The Shield team encourage everyone to join the community and help turn our cities and roads into safer, bike-friendly environments.

The app is currently available for download in Google Play.

BikeShieldApp / Google Play

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