Man Eats Pasta Off Subway Platform to Endorse Cleaning Product


A Bissell employee eats a meal on a train platform in front of horrified onlookers after cleaning it with the company's latest vacuum

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 2 september 2014

Would you eat anything off a subway platform? The thought itself is enough to turn the strongest of stomachs in disgust. After all, hundreds, if not thousands, of people walk over the platform every single day, tracking mud, gum, garbage and a whole slew of other bacteria with them. Ingesting even a portion of that could make you violently ill, so why would someone dump their lunch on it and eat anyways? If you believed you had cleaned it with the most potent and efficient cleaning product to get rid of all the caked on filth first.

Bissell, a vacuum cleaner and floor care manufacturer, believes so much in the power of its new Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop that it allowed an employee to eat off one of the dirtiest surfaces ever after using it. Sr. Brand Manager Ravi Dalchand from their Canadian branch took his meal and the product to the Bay and Bloor subway station in Toronto, cleaning a small area before throwing his food on the floor and ingesting it, much to the shock and disgust of various onlookers.

The very public display was meant to show off not only the vacuum’s power but also the company’s faith in the product. Craig Emmerson, VP General Manager of Bissell Canada, says:

Instead of just showing how it works at home, we felt the stronger message was to show how well it could clean, even in an extremely tough, dirty, messy situation. Take Symphony to a place that people know is full of dirt. We wanted to make our statement there.

Created by advertising agency kbs+ Toronto, the video is just as shocking as they planned, though it probably won’t convince people to munch on their commute lunches on the platform as they wait for their train. Still, for whatever its worth, sacrificing one’s personal health and safety in order to prove one’s belief in a product takes guts, and it could pay off for Bissell in the long run, especially when the video has this much publicity.

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