Niche telecom brand embraces the low-tech craftsmanship of middle America

Windstream Communications is a small player in the telecommunications industry focused on servicing smaller cities and rural areas in states like Arkansas, Nebraska, and Kentucky. They recently developed an online documentary series of branded content highlighting craftsmanship in areas where they serve creative types with broadband Internet and telephone landlines.

This is a fantastic positioning given the amount of flak companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable have been getting for the past few months surrounding the merger talks and dramatic recorded incidents between customers and customer service employees. Rather than focusing on the technologies they provide, what they communicate are the opportunities they enable. By going to low-tech, passion-driven businesses, they are able to strike a deep emotional chord. Other small network technology providers like WideOpenWest and Armstrong Cable would be smart to follow this lead by working to communicate in a “human” way that sets them apart from the types of narratives that bigger brands are embracing. Below are the videos they developed:

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