Proper Hydration Encouraged via Talking Fountain

Proper Hydration Encouraged via Talking Fountain

Drink Up inspires people through endearing monologues, laughs and surprises

Marnie Kunz
  • 15 september 2014

The Drink Up Fountain isn’t just any old park watering hole. The talking public water fountain employs voice technology to literally spread the word of good health, encouraging users to stay hydrated. This latest buzz in health technology is part of the Drink Up Campaign, sponsored by the Partnership for a Healthier America.

The collaborative effort fits in with the non-profit’s larger goal of making healthier choices more accessible and more affordable for families across the country. When families drink enough water, according to the Drink Up Campaign, they experience overall higher levels of health, and parents can better focus their increased energy on their children.

Staying hydrated offers a laundry list of other health benefits as well, including helping with weight loss and healthy weight maintenance, facilitating muscle recovery after exercise, and nourishing cells in the body that need to repair and grow.


The campaign to encourage everyone to drink more water was formed between the Partnership for a Healthier America – which works with the private sector and PHA Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama to make the healthy choice the easy choice for busy parents and families – and stakeholders across the public and private sectors. Y&R; New York and sister digital marketing/ad agency VML New York have joined in the collaborative efforts to hydrate America with the Drink Up Fountain in NYC.

The Drink Up Fountain not only surprises people with it’s endearing monologues, it also makes drinking water fun. For years water slid under the radar, competing with millions of dollars spent on snappy ads and catchy jingles for soda, juice and other beverages, leading some people to think water is “boring.” Now, however, water is getting its chance in the spotlight with its own refreshed, high-tech campaign, thanks to Drink Up.

At Drink Up, the mission is to get more people to drink more water more often. And the talking fountain indeed draws in more water drinkers, offering laughs, surprises, and, most importantly, plenty of fresh, healthy water.

Drink Up

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