'Acoustic Filters' are advanced tech devices with 17 individual parts that reduce volume and protect ears

Tech company Doppler Labs (founded last year by leaders in the creative, technology and business industries) has announced the launch of DUBS Acoustic Filters. These advanced tech earplugs claim to protect hearing from noise and loud environments without sacrificing sound fidelity, style or comfort. The earplugs have been built using 17 individual parts, designed to reduce volume and protect the wearer's ears from noisy ambient sounds.

The DUBS aim to offer a solution to the growing problem of hearing loss, which can affect people of any age. Doppler Labs say that over six million people in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 44 currently suffer from hearing loss. Permanent damage can be caused by exposure to loud sounds like at live music events, in sports stadiums, on subway trains and airplanes.

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