Floating Ingredients Bring Recipes To Life

Floating Ingredients Bring Recipes To Life
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Uncover the different elements that go into making a piece of culinary art

Ross Brooks
  • 4 september 2014

When a meal is placed in front of you, it’s often hard to figure out exactly what ingredients are inside. For those who are curious about their food, you don’t want to miss out on ‘Recipes’, a series directed by Nora Luther and photographed by Pavel Becker that breaks dishes down into their most basic elements. The result is a selection of culinary classics presented as a collection of floating foodstuffs.

Whereas you would normally have to work backwards to figure out what’s inside your meal, Luther has forced people to look at things the other way round. As she describes on her website, “The look of the ready cooked dish is left to one`s own imagination.” Unless you’re a trained chef or keen hobbyist, it’s hard to predict what the finished dishes would even be from looking at the pictures.

Going into more detail about the project, Luther explains:

The raw ingredients rest in weightlessness. They are properly proportioned falling into the vessel where they are further processed. The image serves a foretaste not only of the dish but also of its preparation.

One’s thing is for sure, looking at the pictures will certainly give you a new-found appreciation for the creativity that goes into some food – and kick your appetite into gear.


Nora Luther / Pavel Becker

Images by Pavel Becker

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