Geometric Rainbow Installation Enhances French Art Center’s Liminal Space

Geometric Rainbow Installation Enhances French Art Center’s Liminal Space
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French sculptor Daniel Buren created seven integrated artworks for the MaMo

Leah Gonzalez
  • 1 september 2014

Défini, Fini, Infini is an exhibition by French artist Daniel Buren at the MaMo contemporary art space created by French designer Ora-Ïto.

Buren’s exhibition consists of seven previously unseen, integrated artworks spread across the rooftop of the Cité Radieuse in Marseille. It was only last year that Ora-Ïto transformed what was formerly a rooftop gymnasium for the residents of Cité Radieuse into a modern art gallery and springboard for young artists, in association with the Audi Talent Awards. MaMo has already played host to various exhibitions, including one by French artist Xavier Veilhan in 2013.

Daniel Buren’s installations were created to complement existing designs of renowned architect Le Corbusier, who designed the Cité Radieuse building as part of his Unité d’Habitation housing complex.


Buren’s project aims to amplify the viewer’s liminal space using mirrors, as well as bold, colorful, and geometric installations. The artist created various sculptural blocks covered in vibrantly-colored panes or mirrored panels, some of which are angled to catch reflections of the sky.

The large arched structure on the rooftop is defined with multi-colored translucent sheets and colorful, geometric panels that create something of a stained glass effect. On one side of the rooftop, a row of colored and mirror panels line up along the edge. The mirrored panels are angled towards the sky, while the colored panels are angled towards the floor.


On the other side, adjacent to the row of angled panels, stands another large structure with mirrored panels forming a diamond shape. Small square podiums are spread out across the rooftop. The top surface of the podiums are either mirrored or colored and the sides are defined by thick vertical stripes in black and white.


During the day, the mirrors capture and reflect the various views from the top of the building. At night, carefully-positioned lights help to emphasize the bold color blocks.

The exhibition was launched in June and is open to the public until the end of September. View more photos of the installation on the artist’s website or on the MaMo site.


Daniel Buren // MaMo

Source: Wallpaper, Dezeen

Images: Daniel Buren


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