A bulky but popular file format gets a boost

Anyone who's tried to make a GIF, or even resize one, knows how inefficient a file format they are. Getting GIFs ‘ready' for the web, where they load without causing even modern connections some distress, is an art form in and of itself.

As a result, some artists have relished this aspect of the format, allowing their GIFs to slowly cycle along on viewers' web browsers as the individual frames load. Or in the case of the blog This is Colossal, partnering with Verizon FiOS, there's a possible bit of a commercial agenda. In a post sponsored by Verizon, the blog spotlighted the work of Kevin Weir, the founder of retro GIF blog Flux Machine, and commissioned a new GIF, the ruins in Ypres, Belgium shown at the top of this article. Though Tumblr, still a popular medium for GIFs, continues to demand that files be under 500 pixels and 1 MB or so, This is Colossal asked for larger files for the sponsored post, around 650 pixels wide.

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