The Go Bag Reinvents the Disaster Relief Kit

Design & Architecture

Apparel for aversion uses emergent materials for innovative preparedness kit

Christopher Jacks
  • 4 september 2014

Yeadon Space Agency is working with a group of talented students at the Rhode Island School of Design to develop ‘a better Go Bag’- a response to the outdated survival kits that have proven to be consistently unreliable. When disaster hits it’s best to be prepared, but prepared for what – is a hard question for many? For those who are not Angus MacGyver, current disaster relief kits contain basic supplies that can rarely be applied to the situation at hand. The common disaster relief bag contains the cliché array of items that you expect any boy scout would carry on his person and though may prove useful for specific survival scenarios; contents are more geared for basic comfort in the wilderness.


The idea behind the ‘Go Bag’ goes a step beyond event preparedness. The sleek looking disaster relief kit tackles 5 big challenges; filtration of tainted water, filtration of contaminated air, electrical power generation for portable devices, zero-power waterproof lighting, and keeping the bag’s contents dry. The relief bag’s goal is to explore the exploration of the use of new properties and materials applied to everyday problems creating rather innovate solutions. Beyond practicality and utility the bag is beautifully designed.


The stylish ‘Go Bag’ is currently under development, but will hopefully reach the hands of disaster relief victims in the near future.

Disaster Go Bag

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