The iScent can turn any mobile notification into a plume of vapor, creating a subtle and unique alert system

Ringtones have long been a way to customize your phone to reflect your personality and let everyone in your area know what songs you enjoy. Still, while creating and adding new ringtones can be fun, it is also limited to only sound, giving you only one real way to express yourself. That's where the iScent comes in to breathe some fresh air into this stale form of message alerting.

Created by smartphone tech research and development team Qblinks, the iScent uses an app and a wireless tower that connects with the Bluetooth and releases smoke and smells, and is compatible with both the iPhone and Android cellphones. The device even has a party mode setting that will disperse scents to background noise, like music or talking. The device can support multiple iScent towers at a time to alert you to any number of notifications, like text messages, Facebook alerts or phone calls, and can be charged using a USB device. The tower also works with any scent that can be made into essential oil, which they recommend mixing with a bit of water for effect.

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