Supermarket chain Giant Eagle is creating a new healthy snack aisle for kids to enjoy

One of the biggest challenges in this advertising-heavy world is to get kids to make healthy eating choices rather than going straight for the sugary snacks. Teaching kids to make the right choices can also be a struggle for parents, for whom grocery shopping is just one errand on an ever growing list. Giant Eagle, a supermarket chain, is making it a little easier by putting up signs and sections to help parents and their children make healthy snacking choices.

These kid-friendly sections have appear in over 200 stores in the mid-Atlantic and Ohio, using banners with bright lettering to catch the attention of kids and highlight where the snacks can be found, much like the candy or cereal aisles do. This section of easy to pack, easy to eat healthy treats are not only great for teaching kids how to eat better but also makes it easy for parents to prep them for school lunches, car rides, and even for dessert at home.

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