“Bricks in Motion” will showcase the diverse world of the toy giant's stop-motion animation across North America

LEGO® toys have enjoyed enduring popularity among children and adults alike. Whether it’s the snap-together pieces themselves, a LEGO video game, or the wildly successful The Lego Movie, released this past winter to the tune of over $250 million in U.S. box office sales, people just can’t get enough. So it’s no surprise that a Kickstarter campaign has been created to bring LEGO even more to the fore.

Dubbed Bricks in Motion, there is currently a campaign attempting to raise $10,000 to shoot a feature-length documentary exploring the individuals who create stop-motion animated films with LEGOs. The sizeable team spearheading this endeavor intends to travel across the U.S. and Canada for interviews and to catch a glimpse into the lives of several filmmakers. The widely diverse group of individuals they intend to feature include a bicycle messenger, a mother and video game collector, and various YouTube animators.

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