Photo Booth Lets Subjects Paint Light Into Images

Photo Booth Lets Subjects Paint Light Into Images
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LightOmatic is a participatory experience in photography technique that combines patterns and color

Simone Spilka
  • 24 september 2014

Photo editors and festival planners are always imagining creative ways to bring more depth and aesthetic to a simple picture. We crop, layer, brighten and filter until the photo becomes an exaggerated and falsified perception of what the image once was. These experiments in photography are increasingly mainstream and available to everyone who wants to spruce up their photo quality.

Light painting is a popular technique in which exposures are made and let subjects paint light directly into their pictures. The LightOmatic Photo Booth by Dazler is a new development which brings the experience off the screen and allows people to design vibrant light patterns in the air with miniature LED bulbs. The permanent experiment led by a collective of French artists is the first Photo Booth of its kind.

The Light0matic looks like a magician-inspired Photo Booth: a black and white box with a thick, light-blocking curtain. On the exterior, people can watch the photos being taken from within on a display screen.

To participate, subjects simply grab a key-chain sized colored bulb and enter solo or with a group of friends. Participants have two minutes once the exposure begins to draw patterns in the air with the color of their choice before pausing for a bright flash. The LED designs are printed on top of the subjects for their souvenir photo. The results are far more whimsical than traditional photo booth pictures.

If you’re willing to shell out the 3800 euro price tag (approximately $5,000), we can guarantee you will instantly be deemed party host of the year.

LightOmatic // Dazler

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