Networked objects are learning to anticipate our needs and orchestrate responses that deliver safety, efficiency and convenience

Ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong right from the start? Maybe you accidentally turned your alarm off instead of hitting snooze, and now you have to rush out the door for work. Of course the city would be doing road work today and, in this traffic, 15 minutes late is suddenly looking more like 40.

Compounding problems like these may be avoided as the world becomes more connected.

Sensor-embedded technologies interpret real-time data about their surroundings, which enables them to activate at just the right moment (or even before) with increasingly relevant responses. Sensors are in just about everything now – put them all together and you've got a coordinated network of objects delivering safety and efficiency. As they continue to collect data over time, these sensors will evolve from reactionary to anticipatory. Working together, they have the potential to save us a lot of grief.

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