Four-part travel pack you can chop and change to match your requirements

Having a different bag for different situations is one idea, but how about a backpack that you can chop and change as required? Inspired by space exploration, Tessel's Anti-Gravity Modular Pack System is made up of four parts that come together with magnets. The company has already been successful on Kickstarter with their Jet Pack backpack, but now it's time to see what they have on offer for people whose travel requirements change on a regular basis.

There are four parts to the backpack, each of which has a space-themed name: the anti-gravity pack, rover, lander, and fuel cell. In everyday language: the main backpack, pencil case, laptop bag, and accessories bag. Magnetic clasps hold everything together, which make it easy to add or remove parts depending on whether you're off to work, planning a weekend away, or popping down to the cafe.

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