Wooden Chess Sets Swap Black and White with Thirty Colors

Wooden Chess Sets Swap Black and White with Thirty Colors
Design & Architecture

XYZ Studios has created a beautiful game board that reinvents the usual chess aesthetics with 32 colors and new character shapes

Leo Lutero
  • 24 september 2014

The XYZ-created chess collection is rather stunning and made of four different sets. Two are meant to be played on the floor, one comes with a board and the other could be played on a vertical board.

The board is made of a transparent acrylic material and underneath the surface is a usable tray that could hold items like lemons, eggs, and other round objects. With this set-up, the player is able to customize how the playing field looks. Letting go of the classic checkered design, the chess field in this collection is unique and could be recreated with every game.


The chess pieces are unique, minimalist and modern. In one set, 32 shade of red and grey are used. The basic shape is that of a cone but the differences are obvious to help tell the pieces apart.


The king and queen is also distinguishable by a highly sexual detail: the king has a protruding cone and the queen has a hole. Aside from difference in height, the other pieces take only a little familiarization. The rook still has a slice, the horse has a curved cutout and the rook remains taller than the pawns but shorter than the rest.


Because each piece is in a different hue, players will be able to track the movement of even the pawns.


The chess pieces are made of wood with heights ranging from seven-centimeter pawns to seventeen centimeters for the king, while the chess set was manufactured by Goldenhands Ltd.


XYZ Integrated Architecture was established in 2005. The creative firm has created several pieces in their uniquely avant-garde but usable design. Sexuality is a recurring theme in XYZ’s past works such as the Kama Sutra Glasses, a surprisingly elegant design for a coaster and glass combo. XYZ has also previously created the 60 Red Chair, a seat with a play on slanting lines that makes the chair appear unbalanced and distorted.

XYZ Integrated Architecture


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