Paper Notes Converted into Digital in Moleskine Notebooks

Paper Notes Converted into Digital in Moleskine Notebooks

Livescribe Notebook combines innovative technology and style for a new note-taking experience

Simone Spilka
  • 16 september 2014

There’s a therapeutic experience associated with hand-written notes and ideas that most people will never lose even in the age of Evernote and Google Calendar. To combine paper and screen, Moleskine has launched the Livescribe Notebook which turn those journaled notes from the page into digital files. The innovative technology bridges analog and digital to create a unique note-taking experience.

The notebook design mimics the original high-quality Moleskine planners, but when used in combination with the Livescribe 3 smartpen allows users to send their notes to a smartphone or tablet.

The Livescribe 3 pen contains cameras which record the writer’s hand movements and positions, and connects via Bluetooth to your preferred iOS devices. According to the Livescribe website, the pen writes in black ink with the same smooth experience as a premium ballpoint pen.

Moleskine Livescribe with Tablet

For Moleskine fans who prefer spoken word reminders, the technology also captures recorded audio. To activate the voice recoginition element of the device, users simply tap the pen on ‘record, pause, or stop’ icons on the bottom corner of the Notebook screen, which can be played back at a later time to link with notes.


The icons on the opposite corner of the notebook are used to flag and tag notes so they can be easily categorized within the app. Handwritten notes can also be converted and edited into text for mobile messages, emails or social media updates.

Tap Icons in Moleskine Livescribe to Record Audio

Moleskine journals that are filled with doodles and memories from a holiday vacation can be converted into a digital slideshow to share around with the entire family. The Livescribe Notebook doesn’t eliminate the value of the pen to paper experience but rather offers tools and resources to organize the creative process.

The Livescribe Notebook comes with the price tag of the original Moleskine planner of $30 USD and will ship out on November 1st. Livescribe smartpens, which start at $119, are available now.

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