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The 747 Cowling Conference Table by MotoArt can seat 12 people and includes optional charging ports

Leah Gonzalez
  • 1 september 2014

Southern California company MotoArt designs and creates tables, desks and other functional art from the parts of decommissioned airplanes.

Among its incredibly striking furniture pieces is the 747 Cowling Conference Table, a conference table that features a polished Boeing 747 jet engine as its main part.

The circular conference table is 12 feet wide and uses a high mirror-polished 747 jet engine flipped on its side as its base. The polished 747 engine base is even enhanced with a custom fabricated engine stator set and a series of internal multi-colored LED lights. At the center of it all is a polished spun aluminum dome that serves to hold up the 12-inch thick tempered glass top.


The upcycled office furniture can seat twelve people and can also include optional data ports to allow users to charge their devices during meetings and discussions. The conference table is an art piece in itself and would prove a great conversation starter during those important client meetings.

MotoArt creates furniture from different parts of a plane. Some of the company’s other products include the B-52 Bomber Conference Table, which features the inner wing flap of a B-52 Bomber; the F-100 Conference Table, created from the fuselage of a jet airliner; and the DC-4 Conference Table, which features the wing of the Douglas DC-4. Aside from conference tables, MotoArt has created coffee tables made from various plane parts such as a Douglas C-133 pedal, a Jacobs radial engine, a B-52 spinner, a C-130 flap, and more. The company also creates desks, bars, beds, sculptures, and other art pieces.

MotoArt was founded in 2001 and now has showrooms in California, Maryland, Australia, Malaysia, and most recently in China.

Check out a video about the 747 conference table below. This video was created with Dogs of Design Studios.


Source: My Modern Met

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