Motorcycle Fueled by Bacon Grease Crosses America, Stars in Movie

Motorcycle Fueled by Bacon Grease Crosses America, Stars in Movie

The biodiesel and meat industries team up for a creative collaboration

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 2 september 2014

Driven by Bacon is a web documentary about a man, his motorcycle, and pork products.

Eric Pierson completed a journey across America from Minnesota to the San Diego BaconFest and Film Festival on a motorcycle fueled by refined bacon grease. Why? For publicity, of course, but also to meet and greet bacon fanatics along the way in the American heartland.


Minnesota-based meat brand Hormel Foods, the source of the grease and sponsor of the Fest, partnered with a biodiesel company to refine the grease into what they claim is carbon-neutral automotive fuel. In a process similar to converting cars to run on grease from fast food chains, they then converted a rare diesel motorcycle, the 2011 Track T-800 CDI, to accept the bacon fuel. In addition to being an eco-conscious fuel, the grease made the bike’s exhaust smell like bacon, which is nice.


Pierson hit the road with a film crew and production team to meet all kinds of bacon lovers across the midwest and west. The entire journey was chronicled on their custom Tumblr, and they were shooting and editing the bacon documentary while on the way to the showing at the Film Festival.

They eventually made it to San Diego for 2nd Annual International Bacon Film Festival, held on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Midway. Keep an eye on their Facebook to see when the film is available.


While ultimately this was just a cute marketing stunt, it does call attention to viable alternative fuel sources. Not everything has to run on gas, diesel or even electricity; food grease and some biofuels are a free, bountiful source of energy for those willing to convert their vehicles and have their cars smell like fried foods.

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