The suspended carriage rail system will be tested on Garden State commuters

Some New Jersey commuters may soon have good reason to be smug: if a personal rapid transit (PRT) test project proceeds according to plan, riders will be able to enter their own private pods, select from a list of pre-set destinations on a touch screen, and soar quietly away, overlooking traffic congestion below.

JPods, a PRT system developed to fight congestion, high transportation costs, and environmental impact, will soon be tested in Secaucus, N.J, a traffic-burdened community near New York City which, like many others, experienced severe gas shortages after 2012's Hurricane Sandy. The company has already begun building a mobility infrastructure for the system, which it suggests will — upon full realization — “exceed 260 passenger-miles/gallon, won't emit green house gases, and will be 1000 times safer than traveling in cars on the streets below.”

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