This high-tech device will not only remind you to take your pills but will keep track of all the doses you've taken or missed

The Tricella system adds one more crucial function to iOS 8's Health App – a digital way to manage medication. The product looks like a fancy pillbox but it packs more punch than just space-age looks.

The Liff pill box is a product from Tricella and is equipped with Bluetooth-NFC and sends data to your smartphone. Tapping the box to your phone will easily set-up the pairing of the system.

When using a paired Liff box, you willl be able to view your medicine schedule, what you have taken and when the next dose is needed. Aside from timely reminders, If you ever you miss a dose, it will also show up and be recorded. Several Liif pillboxes could be paired with a smartphone in case a person takes many medications. The Liff works with the batteries usually found on scientific calculators and easy to find but the creators claim the pillbox could last more than a year with one battery.

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