The airline highlights an old concept to complement a new logo, color scheme

Southwest Airlines has been gradually inching into a noteworthy evolution. After a few disjointed efforts in consolidating their branding and marketing communications, this week they released a slew of :30 second videos from their leadership team and a commercial to reveal how the airlines is looking to continue positioning itself around ‘luv' in the travel industry. The effort comes at a good time as they have been finalizing their deal with AirTran, which they acquired in 2011.

According to AdAge, the new campaign brings with it a revamping of in-airport signage, interior design, website, tagline, and external plane design, which is being dubbed Heart One. These materials, which are expected to be entirely completed by 2016, will work towards conveying Southwest's passion for ‘putting people first' and how that has matured and professionalized over time, bringing them to be the brand they are today. As the brand's Senior VP of Culture and Communications, Ginger Hardage, puts it:

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