Intelligent Ear Thermometer Syncs with Apple HealthKit

Intelligent Ear Thermometer Syncs with Apple HealthKit

Swaive tracks temperature trends and instantly sends health data to anyone in the world

Simone Spilka
  • 23 september 2014

With the rise of wearable technology and intelligent healthcare practices, Swaive has created a smart ear thermometer that communicates with the Apple HealthKit on your smartphone or tablet. The bluetooth-connected device can analyze temperatures and provide vital health information for your entire family. The tech-savvy, smartphone accessory has made catching the flu even easier to detect and offers a sleek way to track the progression of your temperature stats.

Swaive syncs up through an app so you can monitor your health remotely, and add as many people as you want onto the account. With each individual, the thermometer adapts the readings according to the typical body temperature range associated with each user’s age.

The app was designed to be the easiest Thermometer for anyone to use and receive accurate health results with a 0.01 degree professional grade accuracy. It comes equipped with advanced LED technology to read temperatures quietly and efficiently in the day and night.

Swaive has smart LED tech

On the app, users can track and follow how their temperature improves or falls by the hour, day and week, and easily share that information with their Doctor at a later time. If an immediate diagnosis is necessary, the temperature readings can be shared instantly by adding the person to a sharing list. Swaive makes it accessible for people on a global scale, from doctors, physicians, nurses or spouses, to share health vitals in real time.

Though Swaive was created in conjunction with the Apple product that organizes all of your health data into a dashboard, the thermometer can also be used alone. The data will automatically save and send the data to Apple Healthcare so you can always access the information.

The product was designed by Swaive Corporation, a company in Silicon Valley who develops builds hardware that connect our devices to the real world. The Swaive Thermometer has positive implications for the progression of intelligent health care software, and is now available for pre-order for $79.99. The product will ship at the end of November 2014.

Swaive Thermometer / Swaive Pre-Order

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