Tatooine Sand Watches Inspired by ‘Star Wars’ Filming Location

Tatooine Sand Watches Inspired by ‘Star Wars’ Filming Location
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A Kickstarter project offers hand-built wristwatches containing sand from Tunisian film set

Emma Hutchings
  • 2 september 2014

Tatooine Sand Watches contain sand from the actual Tunisian filming location used as a set for the Star Wars movies. The project by Mary Moynihan is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. The hand-built, high-quality watches come with custom cases made of solid 316L medical-grade steel, the finest Seiko-Epson quartz movements, custom leather bands and an internal display capsule filled with the famous sand.

The sand, from the Tunisian film set where many of the Tatooine sequences were filmed, is securely sealed inside the capsule. However, it is loose and spills around under the dial when the watch is worn, making the watch a rare and unique item.


This campaign is for the Second Edition of Tatooine Sand Watches and the proceeds will be donated to an enthusiast fan group, which is working to restore aging Tatooine film sets for future generations to enjoy. Unfortunately, many of the sets are quite dilapidated, with encroaching sand dunes threatening to cover one location

This project provides Star Wars fans with the chance to help save Tatooine and get a genuine Tatooine Sand Wristwatch. This Second Edition will be the last production run of these watches as their molds are reaching the end of their lifespan.


The watches feature a solid brass display capsule, a small void that allows the sand to shift, an image of the Lars Homestead, numerals and the word “Tatooine” in Aurebesh font on the front, with a laser engraved rear cover. The $77 Limited Edition of 100 watches for early birds has already sold out, but fans can still get their hands on the ‘Still Exclusive’ Limited Edition of 250 watches for $81, with free shipping in the U.S. You can check out the video here to learn more about these Tatooine Sand Watches.

Tatooine Sand Watches

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