Intricately Crafted Paper Advertising Briefs Inspired By South African Job Bags

Intricately Crafted Paper Advertising Briefs Inspired By South African Job Bags

We Sent Their Briefs Back aims to eradicate the traditional move of sending portfolio and credentials via USB drive

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 september 2014

To create awareness among brands and promote their Design department, TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris in Johannesburg, South Africa created a campaign that involved transforming client briefs into delicate paper sculptures and design pieces to show brands the amazing things their design team can do with their briefs.

The We Sent Their Briefs Back project aimed at moving beyond the traditional practice of sending clients a USB drive of the agency’s portfolio and credentials. More often than not, these things get overlooked and the clients fail to take notice of the agency’s other services.

The campaign took its inspiration from the South African tradition of attaching advertising briefs in plain brown envelopes, which are called job bags. The agency intercepted existing above-the-line briefs in the system and used the job bag cardboards and the physical briefs themselves as the materials to create intricately crafted paper designs that were conceptualized specifically for various brands. The campaign effectively turned the digital ad brief into a physical and visually captivating piece that was less likely to be overlooked.


Some of the briefs that were created during the campaign include a floral bouquet for Airoma Air Freshener, a bowl of spaghetti for Fatti’s & Moni’s pasta, a burst of various flavors for Maynards Sweets, a folded crisp white dress shirt for Bioclassic washing powder, and a ship in a bottle for Mainstay Island Vodka.

The agency then sent the briefs back to the clients. The clients chose to display the paper design pieces as works of art. The agency’s Design department also received their first new brief from a client after five days. The campaign was so successful that the agency’s design work rose by 450% within the first six weeks.


Take a look at the video below for more about the project.

TBWA Africa

Images: We Sent Their Briefs Back

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