The Capsule is a sealed tank that contains LumiPuff powered through wireless induction chargers built into the base of the tank

Sphere Corporation, a Hong Kong-based company that creates lifestyle products with smart technology, has developed a “designer aquarium” tech decor that contains a wireless-powered electronic pet.

Called the Capsule, the tech decor is actually a sealed round aquarium that houses robotic fish called LumiPuff, which gains its power through wireless induction chargers built into the base of the aquarium.

The robot fish syncs via Bluetooth with a mobile app that allows the user to change the settings as well as access games. The LumiPuff glows in different colors and users can change their colors through the app. The users can also set the robot fish to flash when their smartphone receives a notification. The robot fish is equipped with a sensor that allows it to react to the vibration caused by tapping the tank – letting users interact physically with their electronic pet.

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