3D printing clearinghouse makes modeling and prototyping easier and more affordable with an innovative new business model

It’s fun living in the future, especially if you’re an inventor. Kickstarter already gives even garage shop level innovators access to funding they could never see before without a design team and a business manager. For those who could afford a 3D printer, iterative prototypes and parts were easy to produce with a few tweaks to the CAD design.

Those who couldn’t afford that expensive equipment were out of luck, until now. Fictiv, a San Francisco-based company has introduced a new model of 3D part sourcing. It maintains contact with a stable of thoroughly vetted 3D print shops to know when they have downtime from their regular production schedule. Capitalizing on this “free money” opportunity, they negotiate the lowest possible production price. Clients in need of 3D models get these lower prices at the quality level that only professional sources can produce.

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