Pinshape co-founder Nick Schwinghamer talks about how 3D-printing marketplaces are among those helping makers compete alongside traditional companies

Analysts differ on how big and how fast, but everyone agrees that the 3D-printing market is exploding: $4 billion in 2025, $5 billion in 2017, $8.4 billion in 2020. The numbers vary with each prediction, so some have stayed away from specifics and focused simply on the potential. As the Guardian put it recently: “… the realm of possibility is limited only by our imaginations.”

And there's a lot of imagination out there.

This rapid growth is particularly noticeable in the proliferation of sites for the aggregation and sale of 3D-printable designs. This week, as part of our look at the trend in new maker marketplaces, we spoke with Nick Schwinghamer, co-founder and COO of Pinshape, to explore what's driving these markets and where they're headed.

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