Connected shoe clip device lets you tap your feet together to trigger specific phone actions

You may still be basking in the afterglow of the hoverboard news, but don’t forget that technology also lets you do pretty cool things with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Following on the heels of the ‘Back to the Future’ invention is an innovation inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Dubbed Dorothy, this wearable device will let you tap your shoes together three times to send alerts to your device.

Dorothy consists of Ruby – an Arduino micro-controller with a built-in Bluetooth chip, accelerometer, and coin cell battery – and the Dorothy iPhone App. The connected device slips onto your shoe, and, when triggered (three heel clicks), the onboard accelerometer wirelessly sends a signal to your phone to perform the desired action. (iStrategyLabs notes that Ruby is just a prototype, and that it is “exploring models as small as 1/3rd of its current size, potentially built into an insole.”)

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