Concoct amazing drinks with the B4RM4N connected shaker

If you're looking to pull off perfect drink concoctions that have guests gushing for days, the B4RM4N will guarantee your drinks are divine. The smart shaker syncs with a phone app via Bluetooth and guides you through each step of the drink-making process, telling you what and when to pour and when to stop. The dazzling LEDs also light up to show you when to stop pouring each ingredient. There's no need for measuring devices, scales or a bartending background.

To use the three-piece smart shaker, place it on your bar, launch the app (which will be available in Android and iOS versions), and press the connect button to get started. The B4RM4N app features a plethora of recipes, from classic cocktails to those with an exotic twist. Pick your drink of choice and the app will talk you through the pouring and mixing process. In addition to giving voice commands, the B4RM4N shaker has LED lights that illuminate as you pour. When you pour the right amount of an ingredient, the lights notify you by reaching the top of the shaker.

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