The Human Infant Project is a book that helps more science-minded parents record their children's first big accomplishments

Baby books are a genre that has more or less stayed the same for the last few decades: books covered in pastel blue or pink asking you to detail your baby’s first words and steps. But for those who are a little more science-minded, these books can prove to be a little inaccurate and oversimplified. For these parents, there’s a new baby book that can sate their experimental nature while still making memories with their newborns.

The Human Infant Project is a baby book designed by self-described “Nerdy Baby Lady” Tiffany Ard has created a special collective keepsake to help document in specific and scientific detail. The book allows you report on the Research Team (the parents), list the methodology (how the baby made joined the family), and the raw data that includes hair, height and weight charts and spaces to list when certain physics experiments are completed, like sitting up and first steps.

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