Jewelry Company Incorporates Video Conferencing Technology into Customer Service

Jewelry Company Incorporates Video Conferencing Technology into Customer Service

BaubleBar's new partnership enables customers to interact with a stylist live while online shopping

Simone Spilka
  • 2 october 2014

Jewelry e-commerce startup Bauble Bar has incorporated Vee24 live video conferencing into their Service With Accessorizing Talent program. The interactive platform enables customers to interact with a stylist through in-browser chat.

While browsing necklaces, earrings, rings and the latest from the Bauble Bar stock collection, customers can simultaneously request personalized styling through the Live Help popup. The chat box prompts customers to login via Facebook or simply provide their name, email and styling question to start the chat.

Vee24 Live Video Conferencing

With Vee24, a SWAT stylist engages the client through features such as screen sharing and live zoom, and provides live video assistance and co-browsing solutions. In a PSFK interview, Nina Alexander-Hurst, BaubleBar’s VP of Customer Experience and SWAT explains the positive response from their customers,

Customers are surprised and excited when they realize they are actually chatting with a SWAT stylist right then and there and they have a chance to interact with us, get a sense of our style and personality. That way, they are much more likely to trust our advice after making the face-to-face connection. If they are looking at a necklace, we can quickly throw it on, show them a layered look, and then switch to the close-up camera to give them a peek at the details of stones, construction and colors. It’s a win win! We can also help customers navigate to other pages, save items to their wish list, and guide them through checkout.

The co-browsing experience designed to enhance overall satisfaction has proved invaluable for Bauble Bar: five months after launch, the expanding company experienced a 300% surge in average order value. Customers return to shop frequency increased by 250%, proving the value within the innovative customer service pairing. Vee24’s dramatic contribution to online sales demonstrates that a person-to-person shopping experience delivers meaningful results among consumers. Alexander-Hurst continues,

The SWAT team focuses on new and innovative ways to build relationships with customers – something that can actually be more challenging in a digital age. We are strong believers in testing out new technologies that help us interact with our customers and provide the high-touch services that people would expect at a brick and mortar store.

Baublebar pioneered this technology within the industry, acting as one of the first e-commerce businesses to successfully facilitate co-shopping and live styling across various channels. In addition to video calling, Bauble Bar engages with customers via Facetime, Google Hangouts, Google Glass and social media outlets: mediums they initially tested to get a sense of customer interest in interacting via video technology.

Vee24 Live Video Conferencing

The trend of live video assistance continues to gather momentum and Vee24 has capitalized on the large market opportunity, partnering with leading brands such as Land Rover, Fox Sports, L’Oreal, Ford, Mattress Firm and Lexus.

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