PSFK takes one of the world's best road trip cars on a search for architecture, technology and craftsmanship

It isn't every day that a message  appears in the inbox with the opportunity to borrow a quarter of a million dollar car for a couple of days to try it out. But that's exactly the offer Bentley extended, and bucket list agenda aside, it was impossible to say no.

So a couple days later, up pulled a 2014 Bentley Flying Spur, the driver handed over the keys and simultaneously a combination of excitement and worry set in as there was now a massive bright blue sedan occupying the better part of 2 parking spaces in front of my Brooklyn apartment. I was a little mentally prepared for the size of the car but how quickly it attracted attention was unforeseen. A couple construction workers down the block came over to check out the car within seconds and each had a barrage of questions whether the car was mine, was it custom, could they sit in it, and of course could they take their picture with it. I hadn't even driven the car yet, but I already got the sense that owning a Bentley is a complicated affair.

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