Ant Farm's gameplay launch trailer for the hotly anticipated 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' has released to general acclaim

Ant Farm's partnership with Call of Duty producer Activision has already given us a string of gorgeous looks at what to expect from Advanced Warfare, the latest installment in their juggernaut first-person shooter series set to launch on November 4th.

Last May they gave us their Reveal and Tune in teaser trailers On June 9th, they released the initial gameplay trailer with intriguing glimpses of new weapons and equipment June 17th saw a behind the scenes look at story development On June 24th, Ant Farm showed us the future tech portrayed in the game, especially the exoskeleton worn by the player characters July 1st gave us the story behind the animation and art direction, with special attention to the huge leaps forward in video games graphics since the last Call of Duty release July 8th took us behind the scenes with the sound design team, both for sound effects and the score July 29th gave us an in-depth story trailer featuring the voice and animated face of Kevin Spacey On August 11th, they released the multiplayer reveal trailer showing us just how much more we can expect from the new game experience The second gameplay trailer debuted on August 12, showing us more functions we were prepared for by the previous releases in the trailer series Last month, we say “Deep Dive” and “Power Changes Everything”: a pair of showcase shorts that displayed the amazing graphics of the new release

This week, we see the final installment prior to launch, a tour de force that showcases the bleeding edge graphics and innovative multiplayer aspects of Advanced Warfare, plus plenty of screenshots of powerhouse Kevin Spacey in his starring role as what looks like the villain of the campaign.

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