Designer Anne Lehmann has created a minimalist, holiday-themed product for Normann Copenhagen

Design Technologist Anne Lehmann has created a new product for Normann Copenhagen; a minimalist black-and-white candle with horizontal stripes representing the days in December leading up to Christmas.

Normann Copenhagen challenges conventional design rules, often putting traditional materials to use in unusual ways. Lehmann is employed at the company, where she designs new products and is responsible for its graphic and visual identity. She has said about her work:

I’m a very visual person. Beautiful things make me happy. It’s that simple. When I design I always want people to get a feeling of enrichment to their lives. I design things that people want to exhibit on a shelf and that makes them smile when they walk by. Functionality is also a key element for me. Form and function is always intertwined in my processes. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty – right?

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