Avoid getting sick from dirty subways, buses with Germinator Jacket

If you're sick of getting sick from germs on the subway or bus, it's time to try the Germinator Transit Jacket. The protective, streamlined jacket offers commuters a chance to ride to work shielded from the usual assault of germs on public transit. Whether it's a hacking straphanger or a germ-infested subway pole, the Germinator offers all the tools a commuter needs to stay safe from sickness.

As anyone who's rode public transit knows, commuting can get dirty. There's the sick kid wiping snot on his seat, strangely-hued liquid collecting in the corner and a sneezing rider that just won't quit. Not to mention the random putrid scents coming from who knows and don't wanna know where, and the days the subway is as hot and sweaty as the rainforest, minus the peace and nature.

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