10-side device is easier to hold for long periods of time

Smartphones—which simplify everything from location mapping to temperature control,—are, ironically enough, not very easy to hold. In exchange for thinner designs and larger screens, consumers have sacrificed features that make phones comfortable to grip (just ask this guy).

Combatting this trend, designer Mladen Milic’s HTC E:VOLUTE:ON 10-sided smartphone concept reintroduces ergonomics for the consumer.

Milic, principal designer of the concept group Hege, loosely modeled the E:VOLUTE:ON on HTC’s Evo smartphone series, known for its simplified button design and sharp-detail display. E:VOLUTE:ON’s 5.5-inch screen sits between iPhone 6’s 5.44-inch and Samsung Galaxy’s 5.59-inch versions. The phone’s face includes only two minimal buttons; everything else is controlled by a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, which changes when the user swipes left or right.

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