Rain-activated activation heralds the updated Panda Cross

The 15th of October was a rainy Wednesday in downtown London, but for commuters walking through the city, it was also the perfect chance to witness the launch of a new advertising campaign. That morning, FIAT introduced a rain-activated guerrilla campaign that promoted its new Panda Cross SUV on the city’s wet sidewalks.

Led by an advertising team of Maxus, krow Communications, and Kinetic Active, spray painters prepared stenciled advertisements for the Panda Cross and painted them on city sidewalks and streets. The paint used is rain-activated, meaning images only appear when exposed to water. These “wet stencils” appeared in high-footfall locations not only across London, but also in Manchester, Birmingham, York, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Liverpool. Advertisements read, “Any Terrain. Any Weather. Anything Goes.”

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